International Course On River Basin Management

Student Feedback on the 2014 Course

During the one-week field trip in China, a series of coordinated activities with Tsinghua University were organized. Not only were lecturers present but also the activities included visiting several typical organization, station and project in China, such as the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC), Huayuankou Hydrological Station, Xiaolangdi dam and the South to North Water Transfer Project (SNWTP). Each activity is highly relating to the major problems the Yellow River or other international river basins face to.

Jie Fang

The greatest thing about the course is the field trip where theories are transformed into knowledge. I enjoyed talking to the people who are managing the basin and its associated issues. My insight for the scope of the YR Basin management was enhanced through visiting Xiaolangdi Reservoir.

Yu Ma

International River Basin Management is a very good course. Students can learn much professional knowledge of the river basin management. Meanwhile, field trip is an interesting and useful opportunity to enhance the understanding of this course. In addition, students cultivate a deep friendship between Tsinghua university and Melbourne university.

Ao Guo

It is an interesting subject co-operating with Tsinghua University, which means you can learn from both Australian and Chinese sides. The field trip to China provides a good chance to visit the Yellow River and learn river basin management as a complex system.“

Xinyue Chen

The joint intensive course ‘International River Basin Management’, organised by both of the University of Melbourne and the Tsinghua University, confers a great opportunity to understand the comprehensive methods and concepts regarding to river basin management, in terms of political, environmental and technological issues. The spotlight of this course is one-week field trip to Yellow River Basin (YRB) in China, where students from both universities can connect the information delivered in the lectures with the practical application in person.

Shuci Liu

The International River Basin Management course has been one of the major highlights of my postgraduate studies. Throughout the two weeks of intensive studies we were engaged by many senior industry, academic and government experts from both Australia and China on the complex issues that underpin successful water resource management.

Ognjen Jovanovic

The course is definitely very informative and interesting. I got the opportunity listening to some of the best specialists and professors form the field of river basin management; and I was exposed to the cutting-the-edge technologies and ideas from their lectures. The field trip itself was simply extraordinary. It was well organized and I developed unforgettable friendships with students from both the University of Melbourne and the Tsinghua University, some of which I still have contacts now. The trip was also informative with face to face contacts to Yellow River management teams in China. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who's interested in water issues and river basin managements.

Shuanglei Wu

The IRBM course provided a great opportunity for students to experience firsthand the number of different river basin management issues faced by one of the world’s largest populations and economies. Investigating major water management infrastructure specific to the Yellow River Basin whilst travelling and collaborating with students and industry professionals from a wide range of fields and backgrounds provided for in-depth shared learning and a whole-of-system approach to river basin management.

Mark O’Reilly

Great opportunity for bonding with other students and at the same time, able to meet and talk to many experts specifically for river basin management in a very practical base. Field trip to huge hydraulic project site such as Xiaolangdi Dam greatly enhance our understanding towards the management of the Yellow River.

Jiaying Feng

The International River Basin Management course helped us gain an insight into the emerging issue in basin management and its possible solutions. The week long lecture series at University of Melbourne from experts from China and Australia helped us get acquainted with various developments and researches in this field, while the field trip to Yellow River Basin in China gave us an opportunity to have a detailed understanding of the problems in respect to the context. The course was very well coordinated and facilitated in achieving the desired learning objectives."

Aditya Desai

Firstly, I should thanks for Unimelb and Tsinghua Uni giving us this opportunity to learn more about the Yellow River basin. It is really a good experience travel along the Yellow River. This course taught me a lot about how to managing the river basin and cultivated other abilities in communication and innovative thinking.

Kairan Huang

This subject gives us an opportunity to learn the sediments control method in different areas. It is a lot of fun.

Kang Tu

It was a very interesting and meaningful trip which we really enjoyed. We really learnt a lot of useful knowledge about the management approaches of river basins and it also provided us chances to apply the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Jingyao Zhang

I am glad to have the chance to attend this class in winter. Through that course, I actually get a good view on river basin management issues between China and Australia.

Fang Yan