A range of people are involved in the Centre from across the partnership base.

Australian Side

The University of Melbourne

Dr Graeme Allinson

Prof Rob Evans

Prof Tim Fletcher

Prof Spas Kolev

Prof John Langford

Prof Hector Malano

Prof Iven Mareels

Dr Veronika Nemes

Prof Vincent Pettigrove

Prof Peter Scales

Assoc Prof Michael Stewardson

Assoc Prof Yongping Wei

Prof Andrew Western

Assoc Prof Erik Weyer

Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI, Victoria)

Mr David Lewis (Formal Director of Water Trading)

CSIRO Land and Water, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship

Dr Carol Couch

Dr Guobin Fu

Mr Scott Keyworth

Dr Carmel Pollino

Dr Ian Prosser

Dr QJ Wang

Dr Lu Zhang


Mr Peter Lawford

Goulbourn Broken CMA

Mr Wayne Tennant

University of Technology, Sydney

Prof Yu Qiang

National ICT Australia (NICTA)

Dr Nickens Okello

Dr Khusro Saleem

CRC Spatial Information

Mr Philip Tickle

Dr Peter Woodgate

Rubicon Water

Mr Bruce Rodgerson

Mr Patrick Wang

Chinese Side

Tsinghua University

Prof Guangqian Wang

Prof Zhongjing Wang

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof Guodong Cheng

Prof Qi Feng

Prof Boijie Fu

Prof Peidong Tai

Prof Honglang Xiao

Prof Binfang Wu

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Prof Hao Wang

The Yellow River Conservation Committee

Mr Songgui Xue

Chinese Agricultural University

Prof Shaozhong Kang

Northwest N&F University

Prof Pute Wu

China Three Gorges Corporation

Mr Shixiang Fan

Haihe River Water Conservancy Committee

Mr Xianshao Ren

Gansu Provincial Water Resources Department

Mr Weigong Luan

World Bank in Beijing

Mr Liping Jiang