Our researchers are categorised into three groups based on these themes:

Water Productivity

Researcher Interest Email
Prof Rob Evans Water control systems
Prof Hector Malano Agricultural irrigation
Prof Iven Mareels Mathematical modelling of water distribution engineering systems
Dr Nickens Okello Farmnet
Dr Khusro Saleem Water information networks
Assoc Prof Michael Stewardson Environmental flow and water sharing
Mr Philip Tickle Water Systems
Assoc Prof Erik Weyer Modelling and control of water resource systems
Dr Peter Woodgate Water Systems

Water Quality

Researcher Interest Email
Prof Tim Fletcher Urban water and water quality modelling
Prof Spas Kolev Online environmental and industrial monitoring
Dr Vincent Pettigrove Water pollution identification
Prof Peter Scales Water recycling engineering

Eco-hydrology and River Basin Management

Researcher Interest Email
Dr Graeme Allinson Water quality
Dr Carol Couch Eco-hydrology modelling
Prof John Langford Integrated water resources management
Dr Ian Prosser Eco-hydrology modelling
Prof Yu Qiang River basin management, social-economic perspective
Dr QJ Wang Eco-hydrology modelling
Assoc Prof Yongping Wei River basin management, social-economic perspective
Prof Andrew Western Eco-hydrology modelling
Dr Lu Zhang Eco-hydrology modelling