The Centre, in its role as a research incubator, will develop five joint cross-disciplinary research programs involving partners from both nations.

Research programs

The details of these research programs are as follows:

Managing supply and demand of water in the face of climate change

Partners: CSIRO, MDBA, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yellow River Conservation Committee

Understanding groundwater-surface water interaction

Partners: CSIRO, Institute of Water and Hydropower Research, Ministry of Water Resources

Allocating water for the environment

Partners: CSIRO, University of Melbourne, MDBA and Tsinghua University

Restoring river ecosystem health

Partners: University of Melbourne, Department of Primary Industries (Victoria) and Research Centre for Environmental Sciences (CAS).

Catchment management and policy decisions integrated with biophysical and socio-economic science

Partners: University of Melbourne and Cold and Arid Region Environmental Engineering Institute.

Joint cross disciplinary research programs

These programs involve major science, innovation and industry partners on both sides.

No. Program topics Chinese leader and organizations Australian leader and organizations Study region in China
1 Eco-hydrology and remote-sensing Bojie Fu, CAS institutes Lu Zhang, CSIRO/UoM/CRCSI Haihe River/Loess Plateau
2 River basin management between YRB and MDB Hao Wang, IWHR Lu Zhang, CSIRO/UoM The Yellow River
3 Water productivity/efficiency Zhongjing Wang, Tsinghua Andrew Western/QJ Wang, UoM/CSIRO Inland river basins
4 Water quality Pengfei Du, Tsinghua Vincent Pettigrove, UoM Beijing, Shenyang
5 River basin management Xueyuan Cheng, CTGC Yongping Wei, UoM Yangtze River

Location of the five research programs in China