Activities/Project Description

Digital agriculture: Improved irrigation scheduling and disease forecasting using web-based decision support software and wireless sensor networks.

People involved

Dr Khusro Saleem, Dr Su Ki Ooi, and Dr Minh Pham (NICTA)

Dr Yue Liu (Shanghai University)

Mr Jinghui Xu (Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, YangLing)

Progress made/to date

Initial sites are being established at Shanghai and YangLing for soil moisture monitoring. These sites will be used to establish irrigation scheduling experiments. The FarmNet decision support software developed by NICTA is currently undergoing customization at the Shanghai site.

Future plans

We intend to extend our trial sites to include Tsinghua University. We also intend to further developing the existing sites to include sensor for pest and disease prediction. This will involve the procurement and installation of leaf wetness sensors, as well as gaining access to local meteorological weather data.