Remote Sensing And Ground Water Mapping

Travel Report (Req# 61920) from Dr Dongryeol Ryu

Dr Dongryeol Ryu visited the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Science, and the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University during his travel to Beijing on 16–21 November 2014.

Dr Ryu visited Prof Jiancheng Shi (Director of State Key Laboratory for Remote Sensing Science and Senior Research Scientist at RADI-CAS) on 18 November to discuss about their new microwave satellite mission, named WCOM, scheduled to be launched in 2020. Dr Ryu delivered a seminar to the State Key Laboratory for Remote Sensing and discussed about ways to collaborate in calibrating/validating remote sensing data to be collected by WCOM and in using the data for hydrological applications in China and Australia. Follow-up communication has been made after travel to make a detailed plan for the collaboration.

Dr Ryu also visited Prof Hui Lu at Tsinghua University on 19 November, delivered a seminar to the group and discussed about topics on integrating remotely sensed soil moisture information into hydrological models. They are currently conducting hydrological and hydraulic modeling projects over the Mekong River Basin to assess the impacts of new dams built my Chinese government. They showed interested in adopting the stochastic model-satellite data integration schemes my group developed. Detailed discussion was followed and we agreed to set up a grid-based hydrological model Prof Lu’s group has been using in the Ovens catchment, Australia and test our stochastic data-model integration schemes to their model.

In summary, Dr Ryu has communicated our research strength with some of the key personnel in hydrological remote sensing and modeling in RADI-CAS and Tsinghua, identified research collaboration ideas during the visit. Upon securing seed funding for initiatives, he wishes to continue to develop joint proposals, student/researcher exchange programs and other academic activities between the institutions.

Dongryeol Ryu in front of a PowerPoint presentation in a seminar room

Seminar at RADI-CAS

Dongryeol with researchers in front of the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science

Dongryeol Ryu with researchers at RADI-CAS